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Associative memory learning is proven method

Fast way with technology

Vocabulary level is important because it can save learning time to reach a goal. Everyone can find her or his vocabulary level, rank, and estimation score for the target exam or grade with easy.

Easy way with relations

Levelpump is easily customized for your level. See examples for each word and its related word that help you understand its meaning, and keep them in your long-term memory.

Become a fast learner with computer linguistics

Thanks to natural language processing and computer linguistics, Levelpump has analyzed vast amounts of contemporary English usage. Learning with real world usages and vocabulary statistics is much more efficient than simple memorization.

we believe language learning is social behavior

Usage and other people's notions about vocabulary are important because we learn while interacting with others. Levelpump and the word association database are being updated in real time by test takers to produce more accurate and trustworthy results.

Word Association Test

Levelpump provide vocabulary test with group of related words such as

beer related to {bar, alcohol, coffee} coffee related to {hot, drink, cup}.

Word association is very effective to learn vocabulary

because it helps people understanding words quickly and memorize them effectively.

Check your vocabulary level

Levelpump vocabulary level test is easy and fun.

Just select which word is most closely related to the given words.

Levelpump is updating test quiz and rank in real time by providing this service to

1 billion English speakers and learners.

Get your vocabulary

We email English words customized for your level everyday for free.

Every 19,009 words, which covers 99% of word occurrences on the web, have 3 related words

which help learners understand its meaning easily and keep them in their long-term memory.

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